1. Search and query results need improvement  ·  declined

  2. Faster support request response for Plus professional members

  3. Allow multiple comments to form a branching 'thread' in kudoz responses  ·  under review

  4. Glossaries should have a faster way of searching words.It should look for any additional letter typed and not slowly page by page now.....  ·  under review

  5. It would be great to be able to send to translation agencies a link where the agencies could download all the data they need for their use  ·  under review

  6. Improve search queries by being able to select target language country  ·  declined

  7. Require a geographic address and phone number in outsourcer profile to enable verification of ther legitimacy  ·  under review

  8. Cut out titles (danger of exaggeration) in the job "submit" box. Insert profile address only.  ·  declined

  9. A webminar about Quality Control when outsourcing

  10. Add an API so users can integrate their Proz data in other applications.  ·  declined

  11. Proz should whistleblow when it suppresses a posted job...  ·  completed

  12. that Job posters CLOSE once assigned  ·  declined

  13. multiple job type @ 1 entry in project history  ·  declined

  14. Allow members to opt out of being able to see IPs  ·  under review

  15. Change the layout of forum postings send to you via mail  ·  declined

  16. There should be an option to report "dishonest" job offers  ·  completed

  17. Prohibit agencies from bidding on jobs designated for freelancers only

  18. Create possibility for uploading a CV that's not public (recent identity theft scares) BUT is available to send for quotes  ·  under review

  19. Change the current ranking system.  ·  declined

  20. filter out those who (mis)use other's success & benefits  ·  declined

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