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Diet plays an important role in penile health and functioning. Intake of food items that are rich in macro and micro nutrients essential for Penile Health and normal functioning should be added to diet plans and daily recipes to get the benefits and improve the sexual life naturally.

BANANAS for potassium

Eat bananas for potassium to keep your blood circulation great and to have sodium levels under control.

TOMATOES for antioxidants and lycopene

Intake of tomatoes prevents cell and DNA damage and the sperm morphology.

SPINACH for folate

Add spinach in your diet which is a great source of folate. Folate increases the blood flow thus results in good erection and protects from age related sexual issues.

GINGER for volatile oils and resins

Addition of ginger in diet boosts testosterone levels and sperm viability thus prevents a person from sexual dysfunctions.

WATERMELON for L-arginine

Watermelon is the richest source of L-citrulline that gets converted to L- arginine that makes the erection harder.

GREEN TEA for catechins

Intake of green tea on regular basis provides catechins that help in the destruction of free radicals that cause inflammation of blood vessels. Presence of catechins also results in the release of nitric oxide from blood vessel cells that results in increase in the blood flow thus makes the erection harder and perfect.

FISH for omega 3 fatty acids

Fish like tuna, salmon are richest source of omega 3 fatty acids. Intake of fish on regular or alternate basis raises the dopamine levels in the brain that results in the increase in the blood flow, improves circulation.

POTATOES for potassium

Potatoes are good source of potassium, helps in maintaining sodium levels in body thus helps in preventing high blood pressure and keeps the circulation under control in general and in penile region.

DARK CHOCOLATE for boosting serotonin levels

Dark chocolate increases the serotonin levels thus helps in attaining orgasm and increases the sexual pleasure.

CHERRIES for anthocyanins

Cherries are the rich source of anthocyanins that helps in removal of plaque from arteries thus helps in proper circulation and blood flow in the whole body and penile region resulting in perfect erection.

CARROTS for vitamin A

It has antioxidant properties that play important role in sperm performance.

PUMPKIN SEEDS for magnesium and zinc

Pumpkin seeds in diet helps in helps in boosting the testosterone levels in body and also boost the growth factors thus play a great role in maintaining the libido.

CHICKEN BREAST for L arginine

It is a good source of L arginine that helps in the erection process and makes it even harder.

To know more about dietary and lifestyle modifications required to cure sexual dysfunction and improvise penile functioning Dr. Raina’s SAFE HANDS- the complete home for all sexual dysfunctions treatment. Dr. Vinod Raina is the medical director of multispecialty polyclinic Dr. Raina’s SAFE HANDS.

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